How to check your PF Balance without UAN Number

For the employees who want to know their PF balance details using their UAN Number, there are many ways to do it. But, there are many workers and employees who don’t know their UAN Number and their employer has only provided these employees with their EPF Account Number. In such cases, is it really possible to check the PF balance without knowing the UAN Number? I might be disappointing my readers here but the fact is there is no method available to check your PF balance without UAN Number.

So, what is the solution?

For the employees who have their EPF Account Number and does not have UAN Number, the best solution is to get the UAN Number from the EPFO Portal.

How to get the UAN Number from EPFO website

UAN Number is a 12-digit number linked to your EPF Account which is now mandatorily required to check your EPF Balance and other important things like claiming/withdrawing EPF Amount, KYC updation, etc. It is important to note that your EPF Account Number (Member ID) will change when your change your employer, but your UAN Number will remain constant throughout your employment irrespective of the employer.

There are two ways in which you can get your UAN Number:

  1. Get your UAN Number from your employer: The easiest way to get your UAN Number is to ask for the same from your employer. The employer has UAN Number of all the employees who are working under his/her company. So, you just have to ask for the UAN Number from your employer and note it down properly for future use.
  2. Get your UAN Number using your EPF Account Number (Member ID): The second method is to find out your UAN Number from the EPFO Portal. You will have to visit the Unified Member Portal of the EPFO – and click on “Know Your Status” link in the Important Links section. You will be required to enter your details like – Member ID, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, etc. After submitting the form, you will receive an OTP for validation on your Mobile Number which you have to enter on the portal to complete the process. Finally, you will receive an SMS on your Mobile Number with the UAN Number.

How to activate your UAN Number


Now, you have receive your UAN Number and would like to avail the services like checking PF balance, etc. on EPF portal. Before you can avail these services, you will have to register your UAN Number on the Unified Member Portal of the EPFO. The steps involved are as under:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Activate UAN” link under the Important Links section.
  3. Fill in the required details like your UAN Number, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, etc.
  4. After filling the required details, click on “Get Authorization Pin”.
  5. You will receive the Authorization Pin (OTP) in your Mobile Number
  6. Click on “I Agree” under the Disclaimer Form Checkbox and enter the Authorization Pin (OTP) that you received on your Mobile Number.
  7. After entering the Authorization Pin (OTP), click on “Validate OTP and Activate UAN”.
  8. You will receive a password on your Mobile Number to log in to the Member Portal.
  9. After logging in to the Member Portal, you can change your password you wish.

How to check your EPF Balance using UAN Number

If you have followed the steps I listed above, you have come a long way from only knowing your EPF Account Number to now being able to log in to EPF Member Portal to avail the online services offered by EPFO.

Now, you should be able to check the EPF Balance and even download your EPF Passbook online without bothering your employer. It should be noted that there is a waiting time of 6 hours after UAN registration before you can download the passbook from EPF Portal.

The steps involved in downloading the EPF Passbook is as under:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your UAN Number & Password
  3. After loggin in, you will be able to download your EPF Passbook.

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